Missions Month

June was Missions Month at Faith Bible Church, Tri-City Fellowship. We had a few missionaries visit us over the past several weeks. Rafael Sison, a missionary we support, reported on his ministry outreach in the Philippines last June 27. Sarah Balabagan, a former Muslim sentenced to death in the UAE several years ago, shared her testimony last July 11. The Tica Family visited us on a Friday night, July 23, sang a few songs and gave us a report on their church plant in Manila.


Rafael Sison

Sarah Balabagan

Tica Family

Tica Family

Philippine Missionary Relief Effort

Five (5) of our missionaries were greatly affected by the flood in the Philippines. Two (2) missionaries’ homes and their churches were underwater for a period of time and the flood washed away all of their belongings and church property. They hardly have clothing to wear, have very little food to feed their children, and don’t have enough money to cover their basic necessities. Needless to say they are in great need of our help!

This coming Sunday we ask if you could donate the following items:
– Clothing to wear – nothing fancy as long as they are wearable and will provide warmth
– Footwear – slippers, sneakers, shoes (no leather shoes, no pumps, no high heels, nothing fancy)
– Canned goods
– Cash donations
– Letters of encouragement and prayer

David and Pastor Alois are spearheading this effort. They’ll have a couple of boxes ready and have more in reserve. These boxes will be shipped to the Philippines through David’s work, FedEx, and it will take only two to three days to get to its destination.

Philippine Mission

The members of our missions team, Pastor Alois, May, Chris, Eugene and Winston, got back safely from the Philippines last June 6. The short-term missions trip was a successful one. Many Filipinos received medical attention and heard the gospel.

Pastor’s Vacation

Pastor Alois and May got back safely on February 3, 2004 from their two-week vacation to the Philippines. Their trip was partly a preparation for a possible short term mission project in the near future.